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What we offer

Pre-Employment Screenings

Pre-employment polygraph test

Also known as a “screening” test. This is a unique test, specially designed to the needs of the business owner with regard to a position that needs to be filled. Except for criminal record checks and recommendations from previous employers (which can easily be falsified), the employer never really knows if the potential new employee might be a threat to the business (criminal, corporate spy, person with an emotional disorder, use of drugs and illegal substances, alcohol abuse, abusive person, sex offences, intentional falsifying of documents and Identities of persons etc.)

The pre-employment polygraph examination is therefore an essential tool for any business owner or employer to protect your assets, business and reputation.

Periodical Screenings

Periodic polygraph test

This is a tool designed especially for companies that employ workers with access to very sensitive information or expensive trade. This exposes companies to great potential damage both publicly and financially. Periodic polygraph testing can not only identify embezzlement, fraud or industrial espionage but also prevent it. An employee that is under constant supervision will always work more efficiently and honestly. The knowledge that he/she will be tested regularly will serve as a significant deterrent to sell the information for financial gain, or to make a choice to stay loyal.

Specific Testing

Specific polygraph test

This is a specific test used in crime related issues such as theft, fraud, sexual harassment, integrity violations or information trade. In many cases, polygraph testing is the most effective solution to such an incident. Often a polygraph test reveals the size and scope of the offense, and sometimes it may even prompt an admission of guilt.

Infidelity Testing

Infidelity Tests

Polyventures Polygraph Investigations is able to test for Infidelity between partners. This is a unique test to give you peace of mind with regards to your partner’s faithfulness and credibility.

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