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Benefits of Polygraph Testing

Did you know that during a recent study conducted in 32 countries, South Africa was rated 2nd when it came to the prevalence of theft within the workplace. Millions of Rands are lost due to criminal activity within companies and the workplace. The people responsible are mostly their own employees.

Employee polygraph testing can save you money and prevent internal damage on a catastrophic scale. The biggest danger to any business in any field (especially in information technology) is an unfaithful or untrustworthy worker with access to sensitive information, business plans, databases, money or goods of high value.

Any information, equipment or assets falling into the wrong hands can cause extensive damage. The use of employee polygraph tests provides you with effective preventative and defensive means to protect you at an early and critical stage when planning to employ a new person. Polygraph services can also be used to maintain your employee’s integrity by regularly testing them, to make sure that they stay truthful and also to detect deception or truth with crime related issues.

We provide a professional service in a culturally diverse community affected by crime and criminals. We serve the greater good by rendering a fair and impartial opinion based on the application of forensic psychophysiology, a practice better identified as polygraph testing.

Forensic psychophysiology is based on the principle that an individual’s fear of detection of deception causes physiological changes. These changes are recorded and evaluated by a qualified Forensic Psycho-physiologist and the result made known to the examinee and client. We ensure that each innocent examinee has the opportunity to be regarded as such and that every deceptive element, if found, is exposed.

The techniques utilized and interview methodology applied allows us to clearly differentiate between innocent and being deceptive about the issue at hand. We have several precautions in place both internally and externally to ensure that the result we provide is accurate and has been validated. It is utilised to assist in the investigation of a specific incident, be it crime related or other, a specialist field that we thrive in.

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